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According to the yogic view, 'health' and 'disease' are not to be seen as static phenomena but as a dynamic process. Yet subject to permanent change, our organism is always striving towards homoeostasis on every level. The concept of disease hence is rather one of imbalance, in which the psychosomatic system is not able to maintain its dynamic balance and subsequently falls out of its natural state of harmony. The dis-orders arising from those imbalances are furthermore not to be seen as purely somatic or purely psychological, but have to be understood in a more holistic way. 

In our therapy we aspire to support you to re-establish your balance and to be able again to naturally and dynamically maintain it on a moment to moment basis. For a state of balance, ease and joy is the essential nature of life itself. At the same time we also have to understand, that imbalance or what we might call stress, is an equally inherent part of the dynamic play of life – the persisting inability to adapt to challenging situations and recover from it, however, is not. Endless rumination, persistent emotional distress or the desperate clinging to a part of  your persona, which is outdated and dysfunctional can be overcome by our conscious and intentional move towards doing so. 

To achieve this, we will work on the physical level as well as on the energetical and psychological ones, for they are intimately interconnected aspects of our living organism. The pañcatattva system of the 5 Elements provides the framework for this work. The specific and skillful implementation and regular practice of yogic methods like asana (physical postures), pranayama (breath- and energywork), yoga nidra (deep relaxation), mental exercises and meditation techniques (pratyahara, dharana, dhyana), build the foundation of a transformational process, in the course of which changes of behavioural, psychological and emotional patterns will happen naturally.

It is of great importance, that we really allow this process to happen and stay open to the effects and changes it might bring along naturally - without trying to force any of it or push too hard towards some isolated goal, our egoic mind might be fixated on. As it is in love, truth and acceptance, with trust, grace and awareness that the magic of this process will gradually unfold.

As per yogic principles, this pursuit takes place here and now - neither occupation with past events nor with whatever could have been, might be or will be is of any particular importance. Our therapeutic work starts from what is in the very moment and evolves from there. 

For further questions or to book an appointment for an initial consultation, kindly contact us! 

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